Venture Capital & Private Equity Association of Bangladesh (VCPEAB) started its journey in 2016 with a vision to strengthen the Venture Capital & Private Equity sector and help the sector players to become much more visible and dominant enough to compete in this era of global challenges and competition. Private Equity is financial capital provided by investors to enterprises with perceived long-term growth potential. This is a very important source of funding for businesses that do not have access to capital markets or banking industry in existing scenario. At the same time, we are also contributing to the employment generation through our investment in the companies.

Other than the local members, VCPEAB is in touch with many other local and foreign venture capital companies and foreign associations working in this sector. If we can establish a strong ecosystem of venture capital and private equity, then investors from outside Bangladesh will be ready and encouraged to come and invest.

Besides, we are actively working with different ministries and development partners in different programs and events to establish a strong presence of the association in the concerned stakeholders’ mind. Under the visionary leadership of the President, the management and board of VCPEAB have been working diligently to lead the journey towards sustainability and further development of the sector.

The objectives for which the association has been formed are to promote, support and protect the interests and welfare of the member companies, to help develop the healthy growth of venture capital and private equity business in the country, to act on behalf of its members both collectively and individually in any matter affecting their interest, to approach the government from time to time to take such steps as may be deemed expedient in the interests of the industry as a whole, to provide facilities to enable persons engaged in this sector to acquire higher skill and to cultivate internationally recognized legal and ethical practices in the conduct of alternative investment business.

We are in touch with other new companies entering into the market.